Atoms Mask Update

Hi friends,

Sidra and Waqas here, co-founders of Atoms. Thank you for placing your Atoms mask order. Your mask orders will allow us to donate over 60,000 masks to people in need.

Below is a summary of the updated timeline, along with an update on where things are at.

  • Shipped 1,500 large black masks to Atoms customers
  • Donating the matching 1,500 masks to NYCHA today
  • Resuming shipping from our next batch starting May 25th

  • We are a shoe company based in Brooklyn that is known for its comfortable everyday shoes. As the pandemic started to hit close to home, we shifted our manufacturing capabilities from making shoes to masks to help our community. In order to get quality masks to as many people as possible, we are selling the masks at cost, along with a matching donation to underserved communities.

    We began shipping masks last week, including more than 1,500 large masks that arrived a week early with a matching 1,500 mask donation to New York City’s Housing Authority. Unfortunately, we need to temporarily pause fulfillment in part because of customs delays around our manufacturing facilities in South Korea and because we having to make changes in our factories to meet the unprecedented number of orders and donations.

    Manufacturing & Supply Chain

    The pandemic has caused unusual changes in the supply chain, both in South Korea as well as the United States. The South Korean government imposed a ban on exports of medical masks, which leads to customs officials taking longer to inspect each mask shipment, of any kind. Airlines in Asia are now only operating 2 days a week, from the several flights per day when we first announced the masks initiative.

    Now, with a higher number of orders, we are also starting to work from a new facility that is fully dedicated to Atoms mask production. This helps ensure the sanitation control needed for this product at scale. We are setting up our production and supply chain to support a high volume of mask orders and donations on an ongoing basis.

    We will resume shipping to customers as soon as the next shipment arrives on May 25th. If you need to cancel or find an alternate solution, we understand. You can cancel or change your order by submitting this quick form and we’ll issue the refund or update the address accordingly.

    We’re taking time to do all of this so we are also prepared for constant quality production and delivery thereafter to all the future orders. Thank you for your understanding as we work towards a smooth and quick delivery.

    Sidra and Waqas