What if I don't know their size?

We’ve got you covered -- you just have to pay for the shoes, and we’ll let your giftee pick their size.

When you finish checking out, we'll email the recipient to tell them that they received a gift from you. Inside the email will be a gift code that they can redeem on our website in their choice of color and size. This way you don't need to worry about them not liking the style or needing to exchange it for a different size. We'll also send you a copy of the redemption code in case they don't receive the email. As soon as they finish checking out, their order will be free with the redemption code and they'll get the message you wrote in a card that we'll include in their order.

Why is my credit card kept on file?

We keep your credit card on file in the rare instances when the extra pairs aren't returned within our 14 day policy.

Gift recipients have the option of trying the Atoms’ Quarter Size Experience, which allows users to get the perfect fit for each of their feet. Based on answers to a few questions about fit, users receive three pairs of Atoms, in quarter size increments. Users try them all on at home and keep the two individual shoes that fit best, even if that means a 7.75 for the left foot and an 8 on the right. Once your gift recipient finds their perfect fit, they will have to ship the other two pairs back.

Do gift cards expire?

Nope! If you gift someone a pair of Atoms they can redeem it whenever they are ready.

Can I return or exchange a gift order?

Orders redeemed with a gift card are not refundable. However, if you need to exchange it for another size or color, please email support@atoms.com and we’ll assist you in getting your perfect fit.

Can I include a message with the gift?

Absolutely. We’ll even hand write it for you! On the gifting page, you can add a personalized message to whomever you'd like to gift a pair of Atoms to. When the gift is redeemed, someone from our team will write a handwritten card and include it in their order on your behalf.

More questions?

Reach out to our support team at